OK, Let's Get Started !!  

Below there are 7 stretches to be performed.  Do each stretch, on each side of the body (if necessary), and hold for 30-60 seconds.
**​In order to participate in the challenge and be eligible for the prize drawyou must:

1. Send us a personal message through Facebook, telling us you want to participate.

2. Include also, your BEFORE picture in your personal message. The picture is simply reaching down to 

touch your toes        .  Also, if you like, however, not necessary for entry, you can comment on our Facebook post of any symptoms you may be feeling in this position. For example, I have a strong pull behind my knees; burning in the hamstrings; pulling from heel to butt; or maybe, I feel great, no issues. Hopefully, by the end of your two weeks there will be some improvements in your reach and your symptoms. Send us your AFTER picture at the end of the challenge.  With everyone's permission we plan on making a collage of the Before and After pictures.

3.  Aim to do the routine daily if possible, or at least 5 days a week to see some improvement.

There are many methods of stretching to help improve flexibility and mobility. For this challenge, to keep things simple, we will focus on Static Stretching (holding a stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds), to improve our flexibility.  

Always REMEMBER the key to success in any program is CONSISTENCY and staying SAFE.  

In saying that, please, before starting, WARM-UP your body. This can be physically moving around, walking, jogging, skipping or warming up by a warm bath or shower. If you choose active movement, try for a minimum of 5-10 mins that incorporates the full body. Without a proper warm-up, it is possible to overstretch or cause micro tears to a muscle that could leave you more sore than before you began.

To stay committed and CONSISTENT  to the two week challenge, try and pair the stretching with a daily activity you are currently doing, like after your daily walk or if you bathe regularly (and we hope you do ;) ) after a warm bath or shower.

 When stretching remember to:

Slowly move into each position 
- If you feel sharp pain STOP!.
- If you feel a nice intense pull GREAT!
- If you CAN’T breathe, STOP and readjust or back off your position.
- If you can take nice deep breaths during each stretch AWESOME!

By participating in our challenge, you will have a chance to win an AWESOME prize and jumpstart a healthy new habit! 
 We have a $50 Gift Card from Sussex Source for Sports and a $50 Gift Card from Outdoor Elements! The draw will be made at the end of the 2 week challenge.  

 The winners of the Massage Matters 2 Week Stretch Challenge. 

Stacey Leger - $50 Gift Certificate from Source for Sports
Karen Candy - $50 Gift Certificate to Outdoor Elements