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Massage Matters
What is Massage Therapy?
  Massage Therapy is a positive influence on the overall health and well being of our bodies. Massage can benefit everyone; whether for relief from pain and discomfort, prevention of injury or maintenance of health.

What conditions can be treated?
Most commonly massage improves:
chronic stress                muscle tension                   circulation 
joint mobility                   back & neck pain               headache
carpal tunnel                  arthritis                               tendonitis
athletic injuries               degenerative                     disc sciatica
fibromyalgia                   MS                                     muscle spasm
strains & sprains            frozen shoulder                 whiplash    

What is a Registered Massage Therapist?
In New Brunswick Massage Therapists must have training from a recognized educational institute. All therapists at Massage Matters are registered and recognized by extended health care plans.

What should I expect at my first visit?
At your first visit you will fill out a confidential health history form to be sure massage is safe for your condition.  Your therapist will review the form and discuss your treatment plan.
The therapist will then leave the room allowing you to undress and get on the table under the sheet.  It is your treatment so you may leave on or take off as much clothing as you feel comfortable.  Most clients leave only their underwear on.
Your therapist will knock to be sure you're ready before re-entering the room.  At all times during the treatment you will remain under the sheet with only the part of your body being worked on uncovered.
Anytime during the treatment or assessment, if you have a question or feel uncomfortable be sure to let your therapist know.
After the massage your therapist will again leave the room, allowing you to get dressed.  When you are ready, you and your therapist will discuss the treatment.
What should I expect following a treatment?
How you feel will depend on the type of treatment you received.  You may feel very relaxed, loose and possibly a little lightheaded.  If the treatment was intense, you may feel some discomfort in areas that needed deeper techniques to restore them to normal.  The tenderness shouldn't last longer than a couple of days.

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